What skills should a maintenance technician have?

Whether you're new to the trade or a seasoned veteran, a good facility maintenance technician should always seek to expand your talent pool through ongoing training and education. In addition, they must possess these 4 essential skills. It's no wonder that the fourth key skill a good facility maintenance engineer should possess is versatility. In a single day of work, a building maintenance technician may be asked to fix a fault in a building's wiring, check that your windows are properly waterproof, and inspect the toilets to ensure that they are being properly discharged.

Technology must be able to move from one job to another quickly and efficiently, without being trapped or obsessed with a single topic. The phrase “expert in all trades” is usually followed by “master of nothing”, but in the case of the maintenance technician, a more precise description would also be “master of all”. Interplay Learning provides a comprehensive, informative and fully interactive platform that allows maintenance technicians to learn new skills and expand on existing ones. The four essential areas of specialization are addressed with more than 100 hours of classes focusing on air conditioning and solar energy and simulations based on virtual reality.

From the new technician to the most experienced engineer, Interplay Learning truly offers something for everyone. Perhaps the most important skill that maintenance technicians can have is technical knowledge. Attention to detail goes hand in hand with other skills, such as technical knowledge and problem solving. Any maintenance professional knows that ignoring small problems leads to bigger problems in the future.

Detailed maintenance technicians can quickly detect abnormal conditions and performance. Verbal communication skills are necessary to help understand maintenance issues that are reported over the phone or in person. To fully understand the problem at hand, good maintenance technicians must ask the right questions in a way that both parties can understand. They can even provide the applicant with clear instructions to resolve the problem.

. It is important for applicants to know what is happening. Maintenance employees are expected to have sufficient knowledge of basic operating principles, safety requirements, and technical specifications. Having this specific technical expertise allows employees to effectively inspect, resolve and correct problems that may arise during the working day.

Collaboration between senior and junior staff depends on how well the different levels are related. Good interpersonal skills will make it easier for junior workers to report problems, receive feedback and negotiate better working conditions. The job of a maintenance technician requires that they solve complex problems, work with a sense of urgency, and consider many different variables. Learning to choose the right MRO inventory provider is important for maintenance teams to ensure that maintenance operations run smoothly.

As a result, maintenance professionals require hard and soft skills to facilitate efficient, timely and cost-effective service delivery. Instead of specializing in a field of maintenance technology, they must hone their skills in all types of areas, from the repair of air conditioning systems to the configuration of the ventilation system, general building studies, plumbing and even electrical installation. Those engaged in facility maintenance must develop resilience skills that help them manage, cope with and control these unprecedented situations. Schedule time with a training consultant to learn how you can make online skilled trades training faster, better and easier.

Good maintenance technicians must also be experts in using the organization's CMMS, whether it is accessed from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. By putting all maintenance data in one place, FTMaintenance Select facilitates access to accurate and up-to-date maintenance data that leads to efficient, effective and high-quality maintenance work. In larger organizations, the maintenance technician role is more specialized in a specific vessel, area, or set of assets. Average repair time (MTTR) is one of several asset management metrics that maintenance teams use to improve efficiency.

Given the integration of technology into maintenance functions, it is inevitable that professionals will also acquire strong IT skills. By using the templates, you can be sure that the structure and format of your maintenance technician resume are top notch. .

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