How do you price yourself as a handyman?

This maintenance personnel service, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, is proud to charge the fairest price. As you determine your prices, considering the average hourly earnings of maintenance workers in your state and city can help you maintain competitive prices. If this price estimate surprises you, remember that painting is a labor intensive job (even for experienced painters) due to the large amount of preparation work involved. If you need to move the washer and dryer set to the basement, buy water supply hoses or dryer vent pipes, or if you need to drill an outside vent hole, you can expect the highest price in the price range.

Offering fair rates allows you to build positive working relationships within your community and attract customers like a maintenance staff at a reasonable price. You'll discover everything you need to know about how to price your services in a way that's fair to your customers and cost-effective for you. We have compiled these services into a free price list for maintenance personnel in PDF format and have created a price spreadsheet for maintenance personnel in Google Docs. While you may be able to fix a faucet that leaks while you sleep, you may not be the best at setting a fair price for your services.

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