What are the responsibilities of a maintenance worker?

The maintenance worker inspects the building, land and equipment, handles necessary repairs and maintenance, installs equipment and appliances, follows local and state building regulations, complies with all company safety regulations, keeps a maintenance record, and writes shift reports. Carry out general maintenance work to avoid possible faults and breakdowns. Help develop preventive and corrective maintenance programs. The ultimate responsibility for selecting an accurate and non-misleading title and job description, and for ensuring that a job offer does not otherwise violate any applicable law or ZipRecruiter's terms of use, lies solely with the employer.

To attract the maintenance worker who best suits your needs, it's very important to write a clear and accurate maintenance worker job description. A maintenance worker is a person responsible for cleaning the assigned facilities and for some minor repairs. To perform well in this position, you must have previous maintenance experience, be highly trained with various hand and power tools, and be able to read blueprints and repair manuals. This free maintenance worker job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced maintenance worker to your company.

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