What skills does a maintenance and repair worker need?

Jobs in this occupation generally require a high school diploma or equivalent. General maintenance and repair workers usually learn their skills on the job over several years. They start by doing simple tasks while watching and learning from qualified maintenance workers. Maintenance employees are expected to have sufficient knowledge of basic operating principles, safety requirements and technical specifications.

Having this specific technical expertise allows employees to effectively inspect, resolve and correct problems that may arise during the working day. Collaboration between senior and junior staff depends on how well the different levels are related. Good interpersonal skills will make it easier for junior workers to report problems, receive feedback and negotiate better working conditions. Perform work that involves the skills of two or more maintenance or craft occupations to keep machines, mechanical equipment, or the structure of a building under repair.

Tasks may include assembling pipes, maintaining air conditioning, insulating, welding, machining, carpentry, repairing electrical or mechanical equipment, installing, aligning and balancing new equipment; and repairing buildings, floors, or stairs. Limble is a modern, easy-to-use mobile CMMS software that eliminates maintenance stress and chaos by helping managers organize, automate and optimize their maintenance operations. General maintenance and repair workers are hired for maintenance and repair tasks that are not complex enough to require specialized training from a licensed dealer, such as a plumber or electrician. Maintenance teams also keep records of maintenance activities, culminating in monthly or annual reports.

Maintenance departments are usually led by maintenance managers who are responsible for setting objectives and preparing departmental budgets. General maintenance and repair workers usually start by watching and learning from qualified maintenance workers.

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